About the Programme






The Proactive and Integrated Management and Empowerment in Parkinson’s Disease (PRIME-Parkinson UK) programme is a portfolio of research seeking to radically innovate and evaluate care for people living with Parkinson’s and related conditions. The programme is led by Dr Emily Henderson, an Associate Professor in Ageing and Movement Disorders at the University of Bristol and Honorary Consultant Geriatrician at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

The PRIME programme is delivered in collaboration between University of Bristol and Radboud University in the Netherlands. The studies are coordinated by the team based at the University of Bristol but participants are recruited in the catchment area around the Royal United Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust, Bath.

Why the research is important

Although many different care providers play a role in supporting people with Parkinson’s, the collaboration between providers can be fragmented.  Patients can therefore struggle to access the right services at the right time to tackle what can be very troublesome and debilitating symptoms of the condition. This project aims to bridge that gap by developing and evaluating a new model of proactive and integrated care that addresses the patients’ as well as the needs of their care partners. The PRIME-RCT is a complex randomised controlled trial that evaluates a new model of care in people with Parkinsonism.

Study Designs

We use different study designs to understand the condition and based on that understanding, improve and enhance the care that is delivered. These include cross-sectional studies as well as the PRIME Parkinson randomised controlled trial.