About the PRIME Parkinson UK Trial

Main purpose of the PRIME-Parkinson UK RCT

This randomised controlled trial (RCT) aims to find out whether a new model of care, termed “PRIME Parkinson Care” is helpful for people living with Parkinson’s. This will be determined by comparing usual care provided by the NHS against usual NHS care together with PRIME Parkinson Care.

The PRIME Parkinson Care model

The PRIME Parkinson care model is designed to:

  1. Deliver integrated care
  2. Manage issues early and proactively
  3. Facilitate access to specialised healthcare professionals
  4. Educate and empower individuals with Parkinson’s and their carers
  5. Organise care close to home
  6. Deliver personalised care

Why the trial is important

Although many different care providers play a role in supporting people with Parkinson’s, the collaboration between providers can be fragmented.  Patients can struggle therefore to access the right services at the right time to tackle what can be very troublesome and debilitating symptoms of the condition. This project aims to bridge that gap by developing and evaluating a new model of proactive and integrated care that addresses an individual’s specific needs.

How the trial works

People taking part in the trial have been randomly allocated into one of two groups; group A or group B. Group A participants will receive exactly the same care as they would if they were not in the trial. Group B participants will continue to receive their usual care from their Parkinson’s team but will also be able to access all aspects of PRIME Parkinson Care. Both groups will be asked to complete questionnaires and speak to our researchers on a regular basis.

Where the trial is taking place

PRIME Parkinson UK has recruited a total of 214 people with Parkinsonism, along with many of their caregivers, who live in the catchment areas of the Royal United Hospitals, Bath. Recruitment for the trial is now complete.