Meet the Team

Chief Investigator: Dr Emily Henderson

Emily is an Associate Professor in Ageing and Geriatric Medicine at the University of Bristol and Honorary Consultant Geriatrician working clinically at the Royal United Hospitals Foundation Trust Bath. She leads the PRIME-UK programme and as Chief Investigator of PRIME-RCT-UK she has overall responsibility for the conduct of the trial.  You can read more about Emily’s research group here.

Co-Investigator: Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo

Yoav is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Bristol. He has a research interest in neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia and multiple sclerosis. He is also known for his research on life course influences on ageing and chronic diseases. He has also worked on equity of access to health care and is part of research teams supporting the National Joint Register and the Renal Registry. He is a member of the NIHR School of Public Health Research at University of Bristol.

Senior Research Associate: Dr Mícheál Ó Breasail

Mícheál is a postdoctoral researcher with a background in nutrition and bone health. Within PRIME-Parkinson he works on the PRIME Epidemiology workstream and contributes to the PRIME RCT. He is also actively involved in exploring ways of incorporating digital health measures into studies undertaken by the Movement and Ageing Group.

PhD Student: Dr Emma Tenison

Emma is a geriatrics registrar who is currently doing a PhD at the University of Bristol as part of the PRIME-Parkinson project.  She is focusing on trying to understand what factors predict admission to hospital for patients with Parkinson’s, as well as looking at frailty within this patient group.

PhD Student: Dr Matthew Smith

Matthew is a specialist registrar in neurology in the Severn deanery and is currently undertaking an out-of-programme PhD as part of the PRIME Parkinson team. His current research is investigating a new form of treatment for bladder symptoms in Parkinson’s as well as improving their overall assessment and management. His aim is to develop as a clinical academic and continue further research in his areas of interest which include movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, as well bladder conditions that arise due to conditions that affect the nerves that control this.

Research Team: Danielle Brazier

Danielle is a physiotherapist with experience in many aspects of clinical practice, and has an interest in Parkinson’s Disease and sarcopenia. Within the PRIME team, she is responsible for the development and delivery of physical activity interventions whilst supporting other members of the Movement and Ageing Group.

Qualitative Evaluation: Dr Heather Brant

Heather is a health service researcher with a background in qualitative methods, She is particularly interested in the experiences of patients, their families and caregivers, and health care providers of the service they receive or provide in health, community, and social care settings.
Heather will be leading the PRIME Qual sub-study of the PRIME-Parkinson Trial.

Qualitative Evaluation: Dr Sabi Redwood

Dr Redwood has used and developed qualitative methods, contributing to applied and interdisciplinary and interprofessional health research that is directly relevant to a range of practitioners, managers and policy makers in health care.

Dr Redwood is leading the qualitative evaluation component of the PRIME-Parkinson trial.

Health Economics: Professor William Hollingworth

Professor Hollingworth’s applied research has focused on measuring cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions in randomized controlled trials and using decision analysis models.

My methodological research interests centre on the use of variations in clinical practice as a method for commissioners and clinicians to identify and prioritise opportunities for disinvestment in healthcare.

Professor Hollingworth is leading the health-economics component of the PRIME-Parkinson trial




Research Support Assistant & Trial Manager: Dr Lauren McNicholas

Trial Co-ordinator & Trial Manager: Charlotte MacDonald